Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Beckett Robbed !!!

Josh Beckett was robbed earlier to day when C.C. Sabathia was awarded the 2007 American League CY Young. C.C. recieved 19 of 28 firsrt place votes while Beckett only recieved 8. I mean in all honesty Sabathia is a good pitcher, a very good pitcher. Buy most certainly not the best pitcher in the American League. Heck he isn't even the best pitcher on his team. That honor goes to Carmona.
Just another example of THE SAWKS getting the shaft in the award department. Going back to last year, Ortiz was hoodwinked out of the MVP. Mike Lowell has gotten the shaft two years in a row in the gold glove department and dont get me started on
Ped-Rock and Coco crisp not winning gold gloves this year. I just don't understand the voters bias against THE SAWKS. Maybe Steinbrenner is the only voter.

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Michael said...

Maybe you should read the stats before posting your opinion... Beckett had ONE more win and trailed in every single other category, except opponent ave. CC bestest him in Quality Starts, ERA, SO's, K+BB/9 and most important to the voters, Beckett had much better run support... as far as Ortiz being hoodwinked, are u kidding? HE DOESNT PLAY THE FIELD! You are a pathetic fan.